Healing Sermon Series by Pastor Eric Lehmann.



Healing is an 11-part series by Pastor Eric Lehmann. In this series it is acknowledged that it can be hard to believe that God wants to heal us. However, when we we have a biblical view, we realize that God still does miracles! Sometimes it looks like there is no hope in our situation, but in constantly striving towards Jesus we believe in the truth that God loves us and wants to heal us. If we prepare our hearts and minds in faith, we can all receive something greater from God – physical and emotional healing, even if it doesn’t look like how we expect. This series is wrapped up with the truth that God has given us so much and He wants us to use what we’ve received to bless other’s in return.

The sermons included in this series are:
1. A Biblical Worldview
2. The Right Perspective
3. Getting Ready to Receive
4. How to Receive
5. Building Faith
6. Ways and Methods
7. A Healthy Lifestyle
8. Empowered to Minister
9. Releasing Power
10. Freely Receive, Freely Give
11. I Want to Be Well