• Antioch International provides a spiritual covering for Freedom Church
    1. Prayer
    2. Encouragement
    3. Accountability
    4. Counsel
    5. Impartation
  • Apostolic Council
    1. Eric Lehmann – Founder and senior pastor of Freedom Church in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He is also the founder of Healing to the Nations. www.healingtothenations.com
    2. Tom B. – Graduate professor in Asia. Founder of Ethne International. www.ethneinternational.com
    3. Sam Song – Founder and senior pastor of Solomon’s Porch, Hong Kong. www.sphk.org
    4. Israel N’sembe – Founder and senior pastor of Centre Evangélique Arche de l’Alliance. www.facebook.com/archedelalliance
    5. Paul Lehmann – Retired missionary to Congo and France. Currently pastor of Nobleton Community Church in Nobleton, Florida.
    6. Christian Gonzalez – Founder and senior pastor of Fe y Esperanza (Faith and Hope Church) in Los Angeles, California. www.fye.church (español) | www.faithandhope.church (english)
    7. Dave Langeland – Founder and senior pastor of Safe Harbor Church in Tustin, California. www.safeharborchurch.org/