Develop Your Imagination Sermon Series by Pastor Eric Lehmann.



Develop Your Imagination is a 10-part series by Pastor Eric Lehmann. This series focuses not only on seeing the Big Picture of God’s plan for our lives, but also on how to shift our perspective, rise above fear, and see ourselves in the way that God wants us to. Learn how to achieve the dreams that God has placed in your heart and don’t let the enemy get a foothold in your life. This series will give you a revelation of things that God sees in our lives and circumstances.

The sermons included in this series are:
1. The Big Picture
2. The Right Picture
3. Fear Hinders Us
4. Draw Your Blueprints
5. The Battle for the Real You
6. Dream Big
7. A New Vantage Point
8. Seeing Your New Image
9. The Sound of the Spirit
10. Spirit, Soul, Body