The Freedom Corporate Fast will be from January 9th – February 17th.

The purpose of fasting is primarily to let go of an appetite in order to seek God in a deeper way. It is going without something (usually food) as a way of prioritizing spiritual focus. But there are many other things that you can give up.

Please prayerfully consider how you would like to join us during this season of fasting. We always emphasize the importance of being Spirit-led when we fast. Remember, this should never be legalistic, and there are many ways that you can fast. The point is to set aside focused time to seek the Lord and begin our year by prioritizing the Kingdom. Forty days is a long season, so you may want to try different things, and if you need to, take a break once in a while.


  • Normal Fast (liquids only) Luke 4:2
  • Partial Fast (fasting certain food groups) Daniel 1:12
  • Diverse Fast (fasting other things such as media) Daniel 6:18
  • Corporate Fast (fasting together as a church) Joel 1:14

Prayer points:

  • Pray for our Korean Ministry (divine appointments with those who would like to attend a Korean service)
  • Pray for Revival (in our community and in our nation)
  • Pray for Salvations (at our outreaches, during our services)
  • Pray for Church Growth (that God would draw more people to share in what He is doing at Freedom)
  • Pray for our Community (for other churches and for God’s Kingdom to be further established in our area)


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