Voer de plaatsnaam of postcode in van het land waar u zoekt. AutoScout24 Nederland B.V. Happily, I haven't noticed the ABS kicking in yet! Highly recommended. Shame really as this bike should be an ideal all rounder, and from other reviews it seems everyone thinks the bike is great; I must have picked up a "Friday Afternoon" one! Riding too many years, had about 5 years doing classics, now had to go for longer comuting, decided on the suzuki sa, it gave me some wind protection, and being short in the leg seat height was good for me, i think its a great bike done 700 miles in 3 weeks. On the plus side, reliability has been faultless, the engine will probably still be running when everything else has fallen apart! Also be aware if you plan on doing high mileage, the servicing costs are astronomical and need doing every 4000 miles. You can certainly feel the power in the engine and (I’m told) 120mph and beyond is achieved with ease! I had a break from biking for 2years previously had a 1200 bandit so I was prepared to be disappointed. But on the open, a pleasure to ride. But she has never missed a beat and always starts on the button every time. Systèmes d'Échappement. Other than the poor Suzuki service and some quality isses the bike is good. Suzuki GSF 650 S BANDIT ABS (bj 2011) Zeer nette origineel nederlands geleverde suzuki gsf650sa. http://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/apps/recalls/searches/expand.asp?uniqueID=CDA736AF75F6B94F8025783F0035E278&freeText=Blank&tx. Have to say I love the bike, with easy handling and willing engine, however I have had numerous problems. A good all-rounder to own, reliable, comfortable, rides well even on twisty roads despite its weight. The problems come after the winter when all the corrosion appears on the bike even if you clean it regularly and use a cover. Power is good and engine is strong. SUZUKI GSF GSF BANDIT 650. Huiles et Lubrifiants. Easy to maintain and repair too. Other than the poor Suzuki service and some quality issues the bike is a good choice. The original tyres where excellent no matter the road condition but squared off quite quick so i now have 021 rear and 014 front. The Bandit takes towns, dual carriageways and motorways in it's stride and the half fairing makes quick cruising really comfortable, The midrange power comes into play in town, overtaking and exiting corners. Was getting about 42-45 mpg around town, however a change in job means I now have a 45mile motorway commute, and am now getting 60-65 mpg at an average (indicated) 75-80mph. Nous vous suggérons de la modifier pour recevoir correctement les alertes mais aussi pour retrouver votre mot de passe oublié. Buying experience: Used for my A2 license test. Instead, as a popular budget machine, condition is everything. And in fact it's much better to sit back and shift about 11,000rpm when it feels like the power has dropped off. I am quickly heading for 10k miles but with a 160 mile round commute no wonder! I've added a double bubble screen to try to reduce windblast as I'm 6'3" it hasn't reduced it but it is more stable with less buffeting at speed. I've had my GSF650SA from new in December 2007. In the saddle, the new liquid cooled, fuel injected engine is silky smooth, purring quietly like a cat in slow traffic and pouncing like a tiger whenever you need to accelerate fast. There are plenty of good used examples out there - the great, bargain all-rounders they always were. Trouvez la moto de vos rêves. Suzuki a redonné il y a quelque temps un petit coup de lifting à son roadster fétiche : la Bandit. Wees er snel bij! Some parts are completely rusted after two years and some other parts have only some spots rusted. After an enforced break due to children, it's great to be back on two wheels again. Fed up after 12 months of hassle and good reviews of GSF650SA indicated this bike would be an ideal commuter. If they continue and Warrany won't cover, then bike will be history and I move brands. Returned to Biking a couple of years ago and started with a GS500F which kept going back to dealer under warranty. Everything about it is great and I would recommend to anyone. Although deleted half a decade ago, the Bandit 650 is still as relevant as ever and great value on the used market. Prix compétitifs toute l'année ! Cold and wet the back did loose grip on a few roundabouts. Obviously its not as nimble as the sports 600s but still gives them a run for their money. Stock exhaust sounds good too. Freins. Huile semi synthétique A9 Racing 4L + Filtre à huile HIFLO. Very comfortable to ride thanks to its very natural riding position and thick seat. Dès . Dealer did cover cost first time, but since then I have had to cover as Suzuki GB apparently indicated not a warranty issue! Dealer said I will just have to clen & lubricate the brakes more often! As abive, I love the bike but just wish I didn't have these recurring problems. Digital speedo and odometer, analogue rev counter, fuel gauge, grab rail and ABS on some models. Before you even get aboard it looks fantastic and has the appearance of a much bigger 1 litre bike (indeed it looks almost identical and has similar dimensions to its 1255cc bigger brother).

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